Assembly Services

  • Board Assembly
  • Field Returns & Rework
  • Full Project Management


Circuit Board Assembly

Component placement and final assembly is often the most overlooked process in completing your design. At PCS we insure detailed planning and rigourus final testing of your project before it gets in your hands.

24-hour quickturn to standard 2 week lead times
– Handle prototype and low volume
– Utilize Hand Build & Automated pick and place equipment


Field Returns and Rework

We provide product upgrades and repair of field returns. This is offered both as a stand alone process or as continued support of a product through its life cycle and includes product redesign.

Rework including reballing of BGA.


Full Project Management

Project management is key to meeting the time to market demands. Our Program Managers are highly skilled in Design, Manufacturing Processes, and Material Management. A key part is also vendor and supply chain management logistics.
Our team will manage the whole process. We work closely with our customers for a quick proof of concept to ensure a viable product release and speedy time to market.